Young Adults


This is a vital time in your life. A time when you're making some of the biggest most important decisions you'll ever make. Choosing a career, a place to live, a're even choosing whether you truly embrace all the ideals and beliefs you were raised with, or not.

Our young adults leaders care about YOU. They are here to come beside you and walk with you as you navigate this exciting, brand new, and sometimes crazy season of your life.

Jump in! You won't regret it.

Young Adults Meet on Sundays at 9AM
& Wednesdays at 7PM

Sunday Mornings in BACA  and Wednesday Evenings at The Nelson House

Are you a part of the Askewville Assembly family and you're in college? Or you're the parent of a student?

Your church family wants to encourage our students along the way! Sign up here to get a monthly reminder that we're praying for you and we believe in God's plans for your life!

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