Whether you're curious about the person of Jesus, or you've been following Him all your life and you're still growing - we want to help you find your place alongside others. We believe these four components will help you grow, no matter where you are right now!


Our Sunday Morning Worship Services are built for worship. These services are perfect for everyone, those interested in learning about Jesus and those who've committed to Him. We gather to make Him known!


We NEED each other and believe connection is vital! Some churches call them groups, cells, or connections - we call it Sunday School, and we believe the friendships you make here will change your life. 


Our Wednesday nights are a deep dive in discipleship. Our adult bible studies, MPact girls ministry, Royal Rangers boys ministry, youth ministry, and pre-school/toddler ministries are ALL intended to help you deepen and strengthen your faith and the faith of your whole family. 


When you're ready to take the next step into 'giving back' or leading others (young or old), we'll help you get the tools and info you need through a leadership course designed to get you to your next step!  

Lean In through 3 Easy Steps 

Party w/the Pastors

STEP 1:  This is a one-time, fun gathering designed to help you know more about our church culture, leadership, vision, and mission. By the end of this gathering, you'll probably have a new friend or two, know your pastors a little, and know what your next step will be.

PWTP date in July TBD

Growth Track

STEP 2:  This Discipleship Track is a growth-focused course that leads you through a deep dive into faith and culture here at Askewville Bethel. At the end of these four weeks, baptism, church membership, and movement into our "Lead Track" are all options!

Sundays in May, 9AM

Lead Track

STEP 3: Lead Track is an eight week course created to help you step into your purpose and calling in the local church. These sessions will focus on personal development, understanding leadership practices, and what it means to be a leader in the local church.

Sundays in TBD

Coming to the Party?

If you'd like to join in on the next Party with the Pastors, send us an email here and let us know how many people are in your family! 

Have you taken a new step in your life with Jesus? Want to be baptized? Sign up here!

If you've made a decision to follow Jesus for the first time, or again, we’d love to hear your story! Send our pastors a message right here - include if you’d like to be baptized!