Four Beautiful Gatherings to Celebrate Jesus' Great Love for Us

Sunday, April 2

A Night of Worship with no RSVP necessary. 
Be comfortable, bring an open heart and notebook, and be ready to soak in God's presence and hear from Him together. These nights are intended to throw out the usual schedule and time constraints, so we worship and pray "until". 

Friday, April 7

Gather around the communion table with us as we share a meal together and Pastor Webb guides us through the events of this devastating, but life-giving day.  We will remember His suffering, His sacrifice, and we'll reflect on his deep love and goodness.

RSVP below and we'll be sure to save your seat(s). 

Saturday, April 8

This is fun for the whole family! We'll meet in our gym and get your kiddos ready to hunt! Each age group has a different designated area, and our team leaders will get everybody in the right spots for optimum egg gathering! We follow up egg-finding fun with lunch, games, and giveaways!  See you there!
Join in on Sunday as we celebrate that He is Risen, Indeed!